Estate Planning is about every stage of life, not end of life.

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Estate Planning is about 'legacy' and NOT 'mortality'

Estate Planning is an essential part of life. Estate Planning is about YOUR legacy.

Your estate plan ensures that your loved ones are cared for, your assets are protected, and your wishes can be honoured in the event of life stages or life changes.

More than 50% of Australians fail to adequately prepare for changes or milestone events in their life, and of those that do have an estate plan, 23% of those plans are outdated and do not accurately reflect the current wishes of the client.

Acro Estate Planning makes the process of protecting your legacy and loved ones simple, cost effective and efficient.

You can check your estate planning needs in less than 5 minutes.

A once long and complex process is now timely, simple and streamlined.

The entire Estate Planning Process is pulled together into the Yodal Platform - from the initial client needs assessment and document recommendations, to the client questionnaire capturing your wishes, right through to the provision of template documents delivered directly to your own lawyer for review and finalisation.

Yodal is the tool BUT this is NOT an online will. Every matter MUST be completed by a specialist estate planning lawyer (a real person) who will engage personally with the end user.

Acro Wealth Management - Financial Planning (Personalised Advice)

Discuss your needs with us

Acro Wealth Management engages with you to better understand your circumstances, needs and wishes.

Document recommendation and quote

Based on your requirements, Acro Wealth Management provides you with a list of recommendations and a quote.

  • The quote is a fixed, flat fee (inclusive of the lawyer cost) to have your entire Estate Plan completed.

Accept and payment

If you wish to proceed, your intent is confirmed through Acro Wealth Management.

  • Payment of the fixed fee is remitted.

Data Collection

Acro Wealth Management coordinates any additional information or specific requests in Yodal, to ensure your wishes are accurately represented and honoured.

Finalise with a lawyer

The matter is forwarded to our trusted legal partners to be reviewed.

  • Your final Estate Planning documents are completed.
  • Acro Wealth Management engages with you to facilitate the final execution of your Estate Planning documents.

The data in the report summary not only reinforces the size of the opportunity, but the importance of communicating your wishes to your loved ones. With 70% of the current intergenerational wealth transfer expected to be lost in the first generation due to lack of planning, AWM Estate Planning will stop you from losing the wealth you have helped them build.


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